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the eminently credible Benzgem; Designed, Hand Cut and Polished as Real diamonds are...



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Completely Bespoke, Opulent Custom Jewelry

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Our Custom Jewellery is Completely Bespoke

GuyDesign® - Ring Collection, Men's Channel Set Band Ring Style 331321, Original Design

guydesign-ring-collection-men-s-channel-set-band-ring-style-331321-original-1.jpg guydesign-ring-collection-men-s-channel-set-band-ring-style-331321-original-2.jpg guydesign-ring-collection-men-s-channel-set-band-ring-style-331321-original-3.jpg guydesign-ring-collection-men-s-channel-set-band-ring-style-331321-original-4.jpg

GuyDesign® - Band Ring Style 331321, Completely Bespoke - Modified Form

  • Original Design, 5 Diamonds - Modified to 7 Diamonds
  • Small Channel, Original Design - Modified to Larger Channel
  • Original Design, Diamonds Level with Channel - Modified, raised slightly above Channel
  • Original Design, Overall Width 6.35mm, .25" - Modified to 8mm, .31"
  • Original Design, Soft Round Corners - Modified to a Squared, Sporty Look

GuyDesign® - Ring Collection, Men's Channel Set Band Ring Style 331321, Modified Form

guydesign-ring-collection-men-s-channel-set-band-ring-style-331321-modified-1.jpg guydesign-ring-collection-men-s-channel-set-band-ring-style-331321-modified-2.jpg guydesign-ring-collection-men-s-channel-set-band-ring-style-331321-modified-3.jpg guydesign-ring-collection-men-s-channel-set-band-ring-style-331321-modified-4.jpg

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the eminently Credible Benzgem; Designed, Hand Cut and Polished as Real diamonds are!

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