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Warmth & Richness of Benzgem; the most Convincing and Believable, Best Imitation Diamond

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To understand completely what constitutes a genuine diamond look in an "Imitation", one must begin with its "Body Color" and "Fluorescence", the first step to being believable as a "Real Diamond".


Benzgem Attribute #1, The Underlying Body Color of the Rough; the Foundation for a Believable Alternative Diamond:

The first step to Benzgem's Believability is the Foundation, the uncut Rough.

Statistically most diamonds set in Jewelry are Near Colorless, Graded G-H-I-J White color having tints of yellow, brown or gray. In contrast, the rarest, Colorless, Type II diamonds comprise 1.8 percent of the entire diamond Market.

★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★

• Using the following color Photo of Imitation Diamond Rough as a reference, you have standard Colorless Rough to the Left, Benzgem Near Colorless White Rough in the Center and Benzgem Faint Yellow White Rough to the Right.


• The Left Rough is the Typical Body color of most, if not ALL, Colorless Imitation Diamonds.

• All Genuine Diamonds, even the most colorless, rarest, type IIa diamonds, are not completely colorless. These rarefied diamonds still have a small percentage of yellow, brown or gray found within them.

★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★

• It is this lack of Body color as exhibited in the Colorless Rough shown on the Left, this Ultra Colorlessness, is the First indication that Someone's "Diamond" is not a Genuine Diamond......

• Our Signature G-H-I-J Color Rough, Exclusive to Us, is the Center Rough in the color photo. It's color is Equivalent to GIA's Near Colorless White. Remember, the first step in being a Convincing Alternative to a Genuine Diamond is to have the same color rough as a Genuine Diamond. Our Signature Rough is a Genuine Diamond White color with a tinge of yellow. There is no brown, green or gray color found within our Rough.

• Ultra White color in an imitation is simply a dead giveaway. This is the first physical characteristic a jeweler traditionally looks for in determining whether a white transparent stone is a diamond or not. The second giveaway is Fluorescence.


Benzgem believability Attribute #2. Benzgem does not Fluoresce; the Disadvantage of Fluorescence:

32% of the world's Diamonds do fluoresce in UV Light, Sunlight and under fluorescent Lighting in every color.

• With diamonds, Fluorescence is somewhat masked by a Diamond's Quality of Cut, thus diamond's Brilliance and Scintillation overtake and tend to minimize its overall effect on Diamond.

Unfortunately for the standard, average Colorless Imitation Diamond, this phenomenal fluorescence reveals itself as an unnatural Bluish Glow. This bluish glow is not found in any genuine diamond.

• This unnatural Bluish Glow, is the Second indication that Someone's "Diamond" is not Real......

• 99% of imitations are made of inexpensive commercial grade, Colorless Rough that are poorly cut. Other than being colorless, and fiery, like crystal, these imitations always look costume, very much UNLIKE a Real Diamond.

• Our Near Colorless Benzgem Jewels do not Fluoresce; they look the same in the Sunlight, Incandescent lighting and Fluorescent lighting.

Benzgem's color will match and coordinate with the genuine diamonds you already own. Benzgem's color is more Believable than any cz, white sapphire, white topaz or moissanite on the Market. Benzgem is simply... the Best Imitation Diamond


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